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I awoke in the middle of the night and saw her kneeling by the bed, saying something in a strange language. The oil lamp was dim and the shadows were ghastly. I trembled in bed, not knowing what she was doing. But my instinctive fondness for her made me disinclined to believe that she was an enchantress of children. I was afraid and timidly cleared my throat. She did not move or cease muttering.

Foreign-Devil Woman

I made some noise by turning myself heavily. She did not seem to hear. Presently, her voice became so intense and pleading and so strange that I feared something had happened to her or would happen to me. Her head was bending over me, and her hands caressed me.

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Her eyes were wet—I did not know why—but her face was smiling. She told me not to be afraid and taught me to pray. She told me that God watched over sleeping children. Her hand still on my head, she looked out of the window into the darkness outside. Her eyes were sad. We remained silent for a minute. Whether I meant to hurt her or not I cannot remember now. He is fighting for the world, for righteousness and humanity. Miss White rose early every morning, for the harvest was waiting for her. She went about, preaching, offering blessings, and calling upon God to save the sinners.

The few chicken-thieves and vegetable-garden breakers regarded her words as personal attack and said some bad things about her. When a quarrel was started between two women, they would first go home, each bring out a chair, sit down comfortably by the door, and then resume the quarrel leisurely by calling each other bad names from one end of the street to the other.

Although they never had a pot of tea beside them to ease their throats—they often quarreled for hours—to go in for a drink of the precious liquid was not uncommon. To quarrel when a foreign lady is with us? Few men heard Miss White preach. They avoided her.


Only the men in my family heard her preach, for she preached at the table. Even if they listened to her, they must not confess in public that they did. But the fact was that they were so occupied with our table manners that they had very little time to listen. Miss White told the story solemnly while we stayed our chopsticks to listen.

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  5. It was an amusing story to our heathen ears. He looked nervous and held himself up stiffly on the edge of the chair, his hands clasping its arms firmly. His lips trembled.

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    I am not! Heaven was not crazy when it sent down a ray of light upon our roof and made the stars extraordinarily bright when my grandson was born. Yes, he will be another Jesus, but not die like him!

    This is profanity! God will punish you! I also left the place of my birth the next year, returning to see it once more three years ago.

    There were no additional Poles of Honor; the only one stood there, half decayed and ready to fall, proclaiming to the world the past glory of the village. The bright light on my roof was not to be seen again, for it rested only for a few minutes. I stood at the north corner of my house and looked up to heaven for that star.

    foreign devil

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