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Online freelancing has some pretty neat perks that come with giving up work at an office or store.

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The first one is loads more personal freedom. It is hard to put a price on personal freedom, but the money you save by not commuting is much easier to calculate. Take a second and think about all the stuff you have to do every day when you are working outside of your home. Unless you live right next to your job, you will have to pay for transportation, eating while you are away from your house, and you almost inevitably will lose valuable time while you are commuting. You can do more work if you like, or just have some extra free time at home to relax every day.

There are clear advantages to working online, even if it starts slow. Freelancing writing is often the first thing that people find when they look for online work, but the truth is that there are many, many jobs that can be done online from anywhere you have a reliable internet connection. Here are a few other jobs that can make you as much as a blog, or even more if you are talented.

The demand for experienced programmers is growing, and if you have some coding skills, you can probably find lots of work online. The same freelancing platforms that help writers find work will also have loads of listings for computer programmers, and you can probably find as much work as you like.

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If you are more artistic and have some experience with programs like Photoshop or Illustrator, you might want to see if working online fits your professional needs. Just about every website will need graphics or some form of visual design work, so looking for online opportunities to apply your creative talents is likely a viable option to make a living. Outsourcing gets a bad name, but it can work for you. If you have some basic office skills, and a can-do attitude, being a virtual assistant may be a nice way to live a much easier life.

There are loads of professionals in high-cost areas NY, London, Berlin, Sydney, Etc… who need reliable help, and also would like to save money. All you have to do is move somewhere cheap that has reliable internet think Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, or parts of South America and you can live a relaxed life. Work a 6 hour day, and then head to the beach for some drinks on happy hour.

You might also like traveling around a bit, and seeing the world while you learn more about who is making money, and how.


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If so, then you could earn a living online by teaching English to international students. English is the global language for business. As a result, many people in the Eastern part of the world need assistance with learning the language. Once you pass the classes, you get to work on your own time and at your pace. There is no boss to tell you what to do, and you choose your hours — the more you work, the more you earn. Teaching foreign kids English requires patience, so only follow this career path if you like working with people and helping them overcome challenges.

There are a lot of websites that say they can help you connect with students, but it pays to be a little bit careful. Much like the online survey platforms, there are some English teaching websites that may even ask you to pay in order to use their platform! Whales English used to known as Sprout, and it is a good place for anyone to begin teaching English online. Your students will be between the ages of years old, and you may have to teach up to 3 people at a time. PalFish is a little bit different from Whales English and allows teachers to set their own hours.

While that might seem like a big pay cut, the class size at PalFish is just one student, which many teachers prefer to larger class sizes. Another plus at PalFish is the level of choice the teachers have over the time slots and age groups they teach.

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The platform has broken down the day into smaller time slots that allow a teacher to choose times that they have free, and make that time more profitable. That said, the site has a much higher minimum rate of pay than many of the other teaching sites, and loads of assistance to get you going. There are many fantastic opportunities for writers online.

If you have command of the English language, and a creative streak — then you could earn money writing blogs, articles, and reviews for content sites. Writing is a skill that not many people can do well, and those that can write well — are in high demand. Running a website requires you to push content into the public sphere to capture attention. If your content is weak, then the business will fail to gain the traction it needs to succeed.

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  • Writing jobs are available on freelance websites, and you can take some initiative and apply to content companies for open positions on their team. Facebook has over 2-billion Active monthly users, and Instagram has over a billion active users. These platforms have eyeballs searching for interesting posts at any time of the day.

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    Selling products on social media allows you to access your market where they are spending their time directly. The next time you drive along the freeway in traffic, take a look at the other drivers around you. Traditional advertising is dead, and social media is the new hotspot for picking up qualified prospects for your business. Try creating T-shirt designs on Teespring, and then sell them through your social media accounts. Teespring takes care of all of the production, shipping, and customer returns, leaving you with the only responsibility of marketing your t-shirt.

    Facebook marketing allows you to laser-focus your target market into a defined niche that is more likely to click your buy button. As we mentioned above, there are loads of ways to make money with a blog, website, or YouTube channel. Once you start working for someone who has created a viable online business, you should be able to see what makes money on the internet and find something that works for you. Writing, as well as the businesses described below, are great ways to gain your financial independence.

    There is no one-size-fits-all online business model, and you should find a way to make money that works for you. Are you a whizz at coding? Then why not try building and flipping websites as a strategy to make money online? You can post and apply for jobs on freelance sites while building sites in your spare time. Every day, there are thousands of new websites going live, and each of them needs design work. Building and flipping websites can become a profitable venture if you connect with the right platforms for flipping.

    You can also hold on to a website that you like, if you want to create ongoing revenue. If you have some writing skills, and the ability to create websites, you should be able to start something of your own without too much trouble. One of the biggest problems that start-ups face is a lack of initial return on investment, which is why having a solid existing business is important if you want to expand your money-making options.

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    You can divert some of your earnings to support a new venture until it starts paying for itself. For example, a coach who helps lawyers launch their own law firms or a coach that helps law firms create and implement strategic digital marketing plans. Getting paid to speak at legal conferences and other events can be exciting, rewarding work. That's why speaking sits here on the LawyersMakeMoney Matrix:.

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    Teaching as a lecturer or tutor at a University or Polytech is another way to earn money from your legal expertise. Teaching sits here on the LawyersMakeMoney Matrix:. Time to get instafamous. You will have seen Youtubers, podcasters, and bloggers, with big followings, attracting advertisers and brand sponsorships, and selling merch. You can do this too - start by seeing the wider potential that your personal brand holds.

    While this can be lucrative, it can take a lot of time to organise, although you can get an agent to help. The key difference between a legal product and a legal service is a legal product can be produced and sold at scale, while legal services are usually delivered one at a time. Legal products include things like online courses, apps and ebooks. Online courses will command a higher price point but could be more labour intensive over time.

    Online legal solutions aka productised legal services bridge the gap between legal products and legal services. They are a new type of legal services where intellectual property is leveraged, processes are standardised and most of the legal work is automated by software.