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Amateurs only work and practice when they feel motivated to do so. They wait for inspiration, or permission from somebody else, to take action towards their goals—to exercise, to write more and so on. They intentionally create and stick to a schedule come rain or shine. Amateurs are obsessed with the outcome. Professionals treat success like a marathon and not a sprint. They focus on developing the habits that will naturally help them to achieve their goals as a by-product.

Just like a recreational runner preparing for a marathon, Amateurs strive for the achievement of finishing the marathon. After the marathon, the recreational runner no longer strives to improve their running. The achievement has now been reached, so the incentive to stay consistent with practice is very little. They are focused on continuous growth and seek to find new ways to improve themselves.

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Amateurs try to avoid failure at all costs. They fear criticism and worry too much about what people would think if they failed. Amateurs give up when faced with adversity and tough challenges. They lack the mental toughness to push forward and succeed. Professionals understand that failure is an inevitable and necessary part of growth.

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They treat failure and criticism like a scientist—discarding the irrelevant information and using the relevant feedback to become better at what they do. Professionals actively question widely held assumptions about how things should be done. This type of thinking prevents them from making bad decisions.

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The professional shows up seven days a week. For example, if you want to become a better writer, you could create a schedule with times and days of the week for writing. When you start studying you have the most energy. In the beginning, I had the most stamina to focus intently and really learn things I had forgotten in med school or just needed more review on. Once I started getting tired it was nice to have topics left at the end that I felt just need a quick review and did not require as much of my energy.

Also, the schedule is just meant to be a guide to keep you moving along. I often fell behind on my schedule or modified it based on what I thought I needed more time on but used weekends to catch up or move things around. Start watching sketchy early in your studying and quiz yourself often not only for micro but also for pharm.

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The earlier you start the more these will become ingrained in your mind and the more you will see them come up in UWORLD and then you can then reference the video. I think micro and pharm are more difficult to cram in. They can be demoralizing but I would use them more as a tool and not worry about your score on them.

Make sure to go over your wrong answers and spend some time learning from them. I tried to make flashcards going over my wrong answers but found this hard to keep up with and overwhelming. I would say just to make flashcards for the ones you found very difficult or for an important point that keeps coming up. I ended up doing more of the latter and found that most efficient and practical. Make sure to take breaks where you go outside and see friends, family, or do something you enjoy every week or two.

This is marathon not a sprint. Having time where you can get away from thinking about the test helps you to refocus and energize so that you can come back to studying and be even more efficient. Find what location you focus best in!

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During my first week, I tried different locations to see what I liked best and I personally liked to study at the library because it helped me focus and I liked being around other people that were also studying for the test. I would study from home when I was feeling tired or wanted a light study day. Limit distractions while you are studying. This was helpful for me and allowed me to stay focused while studying. These helpful tips provide a guide for couples who are navigating the ups and downs of remarriage. Couples can become disillusioned quickly when they fail to anticipate the number of difficulties unique to stepfamily life. Caught up in love and having a sense of family once again, they can forget that blended families are not a restoration of what once existed, but rather a brand new construction of family life.

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Once blended families face key issues head-on like finances, stepchildren dynamics, and navigating relationships with ex-spouses, then they can create the right atmosphere for a new family to grow and blossom. It is critical that remarried couples learn how to communicate effectively and not be afraid to discuss sensitive topics as they arise. Conflict is inevitable , and without the fundamentals of effective listening and understanding, a couple can become gridlocked on major marital issues.

Over time, poor communication can chip away at the foundation of the relationship — the foundation that keeps the stepfamily intact. Instead, couples should seek to manage conflict with empathy , compassion, and understanding. Gottman also warns couples against engaging in the four most destructive relationship behaviors, known as The Four Horsemen , during disagreements criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

Loyalty to your own child is real and valid, and can feel very strong. This can make stepparent discipline a very delicate topic. Remember that love and trust develops over time between stepparents and stepchildren.

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Purely biological families are seared together with fierce devotion and love, yet stepfamilies stew together slowly, taking time to bond and become unshakeable. Give yourselves time to come together and develop as a family.