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Not to be bested, of course, Tompkins includes a few small-scale Fuck Paintings among them. Over a classic close-up of a cock and ass, EASY LAY appears in bubblegum-pink — one way to join the canon while still having the last laugh.

Gags, fake-outs, sleight of hand, spectacle — these are just some of the tricks the artists here have up their sleeve. Although the exhibition is tidier and more polished than its title suggests, it nicely dances the tightrope between humor and melancholy, the wacky and the wistful.

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But this, of course, is by design. The videos deal more straightforwardly in spectacle. Also featuring works by Georgia Sagri, Eduardo Navarro, and Adriana Lara, this is one show that knows how to make a scene. More: SculptureCenter Visual Arts. Group Combined Shape. Combined Shape Group 2. Enter search below: Combined Shape. Path 2. The City.

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Enter search below: Combined Shape. Path 2.

The City. From The Archives. Combined Shape. New York. Rupert Murdoch Tells All. I just love it. It's like a, God, it's really like a purification, you know, the fountains of blood. It's a personal thing. Beaten or Stoned? Was the Beginning of the End of the Sixties? Fill 1.

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Fast forward to today, and the Millennial and Z generations have witnessed dozens of disruptions that changed the fundamental order of things — at every level of society. These young people grew up with the birth of the internet, witnessed the rise of Amazon and the destruction of brick and mortar brands, and saw Uber fundamentally change the way we get transportation.

Why, you let them exercise that power with you. You celebrate their individuality.


Even things that were fundamental and established for hundreds of years. So what does that mean? That means these generations march to the beat of their own drum.

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What does that mean for you as a brand then? How do you market to these people who feel they have the power of the world in their hands? Why, you let them exercise that power with you of course.

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You celebrate their individuality and unique needs. More than any other generation before them, you need to understand them and talk with them, not at them. You need to participate with them, invite them into the conversation, and demonstrate how you share their values and beliefs.